Friesland Orchestral Society

We welcome new players of most orchestral instruments.  Once meetings resume we shall be looking particularly for:

Additional strings (violins, violas, and one cello)

Additional woodwind

We regret that we do not have any vacancies for saxophone players


  • we don't play or practice to public performance standard
  • we don't specify a grade you must have reached or do auditions, and we don't expect a 100% attendance record either!
  • you will of course need to be able to read music - good sight reading skills help but are not essential
  • so you have a chance to get to know the music, we only change to a new set of pieces after about 5 to 6 weeks (each half term)
  • all the pieces we play have a piano part
  • although the majority of our members are adults we do accept younger players 

Just give us a try and if you feel happy playing with us then continue to attend... we'll be delighted if you do ...

but we won't be offended if you choose an orchestra which gives public concerts instead!


Last updated: 23rd September 2018